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Visa Documents Required

Applying for a visa and getting it may seem a task but trust us it is a seamless process, provided all the documents are in place and are right. The entire game of obtaining the visa rests on the documents. If even the slightest mistake is there, the chances of rejection brighten up. Visa rejection indeed calls for going through the entire process again. 

There are different types of visas- tourist visa, long term visa, short term visa, business visa and visa for EU/UK national. Each of them has specific requirements in terms of documents, and has proper up to dated knowledge about them. We help you at each step and make sure that the process of getting the visa turns out to be hassle-free and quick. 

List of documents that are essential:

France visa application ( we provide)

Valid passport 

2 passport size photographs

Accommodation proof: Booking paper for your hotel or any other place of stay. In case you staying with family/friends, “Attestation Accursed” is compulsory. 

Transportation proof: Tickets of flight/train/bus/ferry which confirming your travel to the country. In case if the applicant is using a car, then the documents required by the French Embassy is different.

Income: This proof secures the authorities that you have enough funds to take this trip to France or Schengen areas and return to your country.

Insurance: Travel and medical insurance are compulsory as they are required to pay for emergency health conditions and repatriation expenses. 

Marriage certificate: This document is required in cases of spouses of the UK, EU or EEU residents. The applicant is required to submit this certificate either in English or French.

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