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Tourist Visa for Students or Unemployed

1. Valid passport 

1. Passport must have two blank pages

2. Passport must not expire in the range of 3 months of expected return

3. UK residency permit must be there with the passport or can be attached to the new biometric card.

4. Also, provide old passport filled with stamps along with new passport 

2. Passport Size Photographs

1. Carry two passport size colored photographs.

2. Size for photographs: 45mm x 35 mm.

3. The background of the photograph should be white, pale or grey.

4. The passport size photograph must not be older than 1 month.

5. Do not wear any kind of accessories such as cap, headgear and etc while getting a photo clicked.

3. Application Form

1. Carry the visa application form at the time of appointment.

2. Carefully fill all the 37 columns in the application form.

3. The last column of the declaration must be filled either by the applicant or by the guardian with due signatures.

4. Letter from College

1. Carry a letter from college or university on the date of appointment at the visa center.

2. It must have confirmation about important things such as a course of study, a period of course including holidays, attendance record, etc. 

3. College letters should not be older than 30 days from the date of your application. 

5. Travel Insurance

1. Carry the travel insurance related to the period of the intended stay of the applicant in France or in the Schengen area.

2. The insurance premium by the bank is proof of your account with the bank.

3. Confirmation by the bank must be provided on the original letterhead of the bank.

4. Confirmation must not be older than 30 days of your application.

5. If the travel insurance is taken out of the post office then it must be attached with the original receipt along with the policy brochure.

6. Travel Documents 

1. Provide valid tickets at the time of appointment.

2. The ticket could be in the form of printouts or e-tickets that shows modes of travel such as train, bus or flight.

3. If traveling by car – provide registration certificate, car insurance, driving license, MOT and ferry.

4. While traveling as a passenger, provide all the above documents for the driver. In addition to that applicant must also provide a confirming letter that has the confirmation from the driver that the applicant is traveling with the driver on the passenger seat.

5. Also, provide your ferry ticket.

7. Accommodation

1. The applicant must provide confirmation of his accommodation in France. This accommodation can be in the form of hotel booking or staying at friends or relative's place.

2. The confirmation of hotel booking can be received by fax or mail. It must state the following – the name of the applicant, intended stay date, hotel address and contact details.

3. In case the accommodation of the applicant is sponsored by French residents (friends or family), then the original “attestation accursed” is needed.

4. The document named “attestation accursed” must be provided by the inviting party in France.

5. The same can also be obtained from the local town hall or police station of France.

8. Financial Documents

1. The applicant is required to furnish the original bank statement on the day of the appointment.

2. The bank statement must be of one-month containing the applicant’s name, address and the balance of at least £55.00 per person / per day.

3. The bank statement must not be older than 30 days. If it is older than 30 days, then the applicant must show the printout of the bank statement with the up-to-date balance.

4. In case a bank statement cannot be submitted for any reason then the applicant can provide a EURO traveler of £60.00 per person/ per day for each intended day of stay in France.

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