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Q. 1. What are the visa requirements according to my nationality?

A.1. Acquiring visa is based on three categories. Here’s the list follows –

Category 1

The below mentioned countries are the one which do not require visa for France / Schengen region. These countries do not require tourist visa or business visa for the duration of 90 days. The countries are as follows –

Andorra. Argentina. Australia. Bermuda. Bolivia. Brazil. Brunei. Bulgaria. Canada. Chile. Costa Rica. Croatia. El Salvador. Guatemala. Honduras. Iceland. Israel. Japan. Liechtenstein. Macau. Malaysia. Mexico. Monaco. New Zealand. Nicaragua. Panama. Paraguay. Romania. San-Marino. Singapore. South Korea. Switzerland. U.S.A. Uruguay.The Vatican. Venezuela, Mauritius, Seychelles, Barbados, Bahamas, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Christopher and Nevis.

Category 2

This category is about all the countries which belongs to EU/EEU/UK Nationals that do not require visa formality for France or Schengen Region. The nationals belong to UK and European Union (EU) do not require visa for 90 days.

Here are the names of the countries EU and EEA region –

Austria. Belgium. Cyprus. Czech Republic. Denmark. Estonia. Finland. Germany. Great-Britain. Greece. Hungary. Ireland. Italy. Latvia. Lithuania. Luxembourg. Malta. Netherlands. Norway. Poland. Portugal. Slovakia. Slovenia. Spain. Sweden

Category 3

The following countries that falls under this category for them it would take around 14 days / 2 weeks for the process of visa. Here are the names of the countries -

Afghanistan. Algeria. Bangladesh. Belarusian. Burma. Burundi. Colombia. Congo (Zaire). Egypt. Indonesia. Iran. Iraq. Jordan. Kuwait. North Korea. Lebanon. Libya. Myanmar. Nigeria. Oman. Pakistan. Palestine. Philippines. Qatar. Rwanda. Somalia. Sudan. Surinam. Syria. Tunisia. United Arab Emirates. Vietnam. Yemen. Zimbabwe.

Q. 2. Is it Possible to apply for visa without visiting in the person?

A.2. It is not possible for you to apply for visa without being present in person. You have to visit visa centre at least once for biometric data. It is mendatory.

Q.3. If I am planning to visit France after 2 months, what is the best time to apply for France Visa?

A.3. In this case when you are planning your France tour, it is necessary for you to apply for France Visa 3 months before the planned trip.

Q.4. I am travelling to France for one day, Do I need to provide hotel booking?

A.4. If you (applicant) is going to France for one day, then you do not require to provide the hotel booking. Not necessary in this case.

Q.5. When can I apply for new Visa, if my old visa is expiring after 2.5 months?

A.5. It is not possible to apply for new visa in this case. You must have 3 months of validity before applying for France Visa.

Q.6. Please mentions the documents formalities for the visa for the spouse of British / EU national.

A.6. Here are the details related to the documents in case of visa for spouse of British / EU National – Hotel booking, flight details, bank statement.

Q.7. My child is under 12 and he is travelling to France with his friends, is it possible that he can apply her visa directly?

A.7. This is not possible, your child have to accompanied with a dependable adult in person at the time of appointment.

Q.8. We are applying for France Visa as a family. Is it necessary to provide appointment in person?

A.8. In this case, all the children under the age of 12 are not required to be present. Child above the age of 12 needed to be present in person.

Q.9. Tell us the process of visa application if we are visiting our friends or family in France?

A.9. Here is the process – Book your online appointment by clicking on “Apply Online” tab. Also provide “Attestation d accuell” which is another mandatory doc. This doc is to be provided by family or friends living in France. You have acquire “Attestation d Accuell” form, from local town hall. The doc is mandatory to submit.