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New Year Celebration In France 2020

New Year Celebration In France 2020

2019 is near to an end and if you are in France to welcome 2020 then reading this blog can be beneficial to enjoy the New Year the right way!

First, let’s get on with the background of it:

In France, New Year’s Eve is also known as La Saint Sylvestre. It is because as France is predominantly a Catholic country, there are specific days of the year that are designated to particular saints here. These days are also known as feast days. The individual’s sharing the same saint’s name often celebrate this day as their second birthday.

How is it celebrated? The tradition and trends:

The celebration of New year often starts with family and friends. It is up to a person if he wants to keep it a close affair like a house party or just go hu la la.. with all extravagant music, dance and parties outside the home. There are many clubs, bars, and hotels where such parties are hosted. (Do check the dress codes of such places before hitting there and also it is advisable to make prior reservations. )

Costume parties are prevalent during this time of the year. There is even a French expression “se metre sur son 31” which means “ to dress up like it is a New Year’s Eve party” People love to dress as fancily as possible and celebrate the eve with all noise and applaud. Certainly taking a resolution at this time is a trend throughout the world. French people also swear in their resolutions and wish for a better year than the previous one. They exchange French kiss and raise the toast to start the new year.

French New Year Food:

Whether you celebrate it crazily or keep it clam at home, one inevitable thing is the grand feast of food and drink. The dishes here, of course, vary from place to place but if you consider a New Year’s Eve French Staple dishes then oysters, smoked salmon, escargot, crustaceans, and caviar are ought to served everywhere. Accompanying the delicious gourmet, there is champagne or Cremant (sparkling wine).

The New Year’s gift in France:

In France, people don’t exchange gifts on New Year; however, as a sign of gratitude, they give monetary donations to workers, household employees, chauffeurs and other helping hands around. These gratuities are called “le etrennes” and are considered a tradition there.

Attractions outside:

The prominent cities of France like Paris and Strasbourg are known for fireworks on New Year Eve. However, lately, they have been ceased, considering security reasons. (Do confirm on it once from the help desk of your hotel)

The Champs-Elysées is a place to be on the eve of New Year. The road gets packed with people as everyone gets into a chilling mood. At Arc de Triumphe, there is also a sound and light show projected around 11 P.M. From here you can capture a great view of Eiffel Tower displaying sparkling lights at the stroke of the hour.

It is not necessary to be in Paris to celebrate the New year the best way. May you be in any town or village of France, you will get to see a variety of parades, fireworks, light shows and an enthusiasm defining the new limits.

Finally, the new year starts:

Bonnes fêtes de fin d‘année”- Happy new year and happy health. French wish everybody new year only after 12 at midnight and not before that.

The celebration continues until the 6th of January:

January 6th is the last day of the holiday. The French, during this entire period, stay in a happy holiday mood. On this day, friends, family, offices, and schools across the country share a piece of king cake called “ La Galette Des Rois”. The king cake is typically a puff pastry filled with frangipane and sold with a paper crown. You can find them quickly at this time of the year in the bakeries around the country.

Woah! Happy new year beginnings to the ones who are already there. The ones who aren’t, don’t worry, plan it for the next new year. Apply Visit Visa For France on time and give a good start to the year.

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