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Common Reasons Behind The Rejection of France Visa 2020

Common Reasons Behind The Rejection of France Visa 2020

While applying for France visa, the scariest thought that comes to mind is what if it gets rejected? The visa is the most crucial document and getting it smoothly in one go is like a blessing.  Even though the France visa requirements are quite straight and clear still we see a lot of people with sad faces and rejected visas in hand. The common reasons that lead to rejection are:

1. Incomplete application form

First and foremost, the application form for the visa should be duly filled. Not a single segment should be left blank. The information should be legit and clearly written. The signatures should be well in place.

2. Errors in the application

Make sure that all the paperwork for a visa is free of typos/ spelling errors or number errors. These small things count a lot in the process of approval or rejection of the visa.

3. False documents

A lot of documents need to be compiled in support of the visa application. If these documents are false, try to present fake reality/identity or are not presented properly then also the visa denial chances are higher.

4. Blurred photographs or photocopies

If the photographs provided by you are not as per the specifications or the photocopies of documents are blurred then there are chances of rejection of your visa.

5. Damaged passport

When the passport is not in the good condition or the pages in between are missing, when the name, date of birth, address and other information is written on the passport are not right then the chances of rejection of visa exist. A valid passport is a must for obtaining the visa.

 6. Criminal record

If you have had a record of criminal offense, misconduct, fraud or any such activity then the chances of your France visa rejection by the officers are brighter.

7. Failure to prove your return to home country

If you are not able to prove by documents (travel tickets and etc.) that you are going to come back to your country in the well stipulated time as permitted by the officers than the visa rejection chances surface. Never give an impression of overstay to vis officers.

8. Insufficient funds

The officer can refuse to approve your visa when you fail to present proper financial documents. There should be clear proof that you are carrying enough funds with you for your stay in France, plus you have a record of financial stability here too.

9. Insufficient travel insurance coverage

Always keep in mind that your travel insurance including medical treatment is a must for successfully obtaining the France visa. The insurance should cover the entire period of your stay in France.

10. Lack of purpose and the itinerary

An insufficient explanation of your purpose of stay in France can result in the rejection of a visa. Also, you need to present a detailed itinerary; the number of places visited in France, the days planned at each place, the accommodations booked there and the return tickets. Anything missing from all these can get your passport in your hand with a rejected stamp on it.

What? So many things to take care of? Yeah, applying for France visa is not that easy a task but also it is not impossible to have it in one go. You just need to consult an expert like us who have the experience of years of obtaining hassle-free visas. We guide you at each step and we make sure that no room is left for rejection of your visa.

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